Departure Checklist

The housekeeper will wash the linen and towels, and clean the house after you. But we ask you to please observe these points at departure:

• All dishes are washed, dried and stowed. The dishwasher is emptied
• In particular, check that the coffee maker(s) are emptied and wiped of
• Residues of dry/durable food are placed in closed containers or glasses if left behind
• Perishable food must be trashed – please check the fridge!
• Trash, including bottles, are disposed in the appropriate waste containers
• If there is any spill or spots in the fridge, please wipe it away. The fridge should be left turned on
• The cooker is left cleaned – including the oven if you have used it
• Books, maps and the like that you have borrowed are returned to the shelves in the lounge
• All windows and shutters are closed
• Internal doors are left open, with wedges underneath to prevent sagging
• Back door (to back garden) is locked and the key hanging on the kitchen door
• Garden furniture is returned to the capanna, capanna is closed with the key hanging on the kitchen door
• Plug for washing machine is unplugged, stopcock closed

• Water heater switch is turned off if it has been used
• Pellet stove is turned off
• Gas valve on the gas cylinder is closed. Just the valve on the gas bottle, not the reduction valve next to it!

We thank you for your visit and hope you had a nice time. Have a good trip home!