Finding It

1-MapMost modern GPS navigators will find the address of Localita Cocolaio 125 and direct you safely there. If your GPS does not, you can try with the village name, San Cassiano – but beware, many villages share this name. This is San Cassiano di Controne in Bagni di Lucca. If you don’t have a GPS, the map (right) indicates how to reach San Cassiano from Lucca: Take the SS12 about 7 km past Bagni di Lucca, at Astracaccio turn left and continue upwards for approx. 3 km.

2-UpLeftHereComing up the road as indicated, you will find the junction on the picture shortly after entering San Cassiano. Continue a little further up the road, turn around and return here. Take the narrow road up to the left from the junction.

3-ParkingPlaceContinue to the parking place and leave the car there.

4-ContinueOnFootContinue on foot 100 meters or so,


…until you reach this narrow alley going up to the left.

6-CourtyardOn top of the alley you will find our courtyard, surrounded by four houses. The brown door is ours – use the small key. The large key is for the next door, which is greenish and is found to the left inside the hall.

Then you should be in!