Property Information

Loc. Cocolaio 125 is an old italian village house, situated in a small cluster of houses surrounding a common courtyard (the “aia”).

The main house consists of a large kitchen, a lounge and bathroom on the ground floor. Upstairs are three bedrooms, two with double beds and one with two single beds. The house is about 90 m² in total.

Further, there is an outhouse (“il stallo”, actually an old stable) and two small gardens (the front garden, approx 50 m², and the back garden, approc 65 m²) . The property also has a part in the courtyard in front.

On the picture, the stallo is seen in the front. The main house is the white two-storey house partly hidden behind the stallo (not easy to get a good facade picture, the house is hiding from the photographer…)


is brand new (2015), and is fully equipped for at least six persons. It features a fridge/freezer, a gas cooking top, electric oven and a dishwasher.

There is a gas cylinder located in the narrow alley just outside the kitchen; you will need to open the valve at arrival (and close it before you leave).

Inside the old open fireplace there has recently been installed a modern pellet stove, which forms the heart of the new heating system for the entirethe house.


…contains a comfortable sofa and some chairs. The sofa converts to a double bed if needed.

In the shelf you will find various maps and books, some of which contain relevant info about the area. There is also a small stereo with CD player, and the wireless router is also located in here.


Newly refurbished, the bathroom features floor heating (when the pellet stove is in use) and contains a WC, shower, a washbasin, a towel rail and storage cabinets.

Just outside in the hall you will find a washing machine and a dehumidifier. The latter can be used in case humidity gets too high: Just bring it to the room of your choice, ensure the water tank is empty and correctly inserted, and plug it in. You should not need to touch the controls. If it fails to start, try to remove and reinsert the water tank.

The water heater is also in the hall, under the stairs. It has two different modes of operation, using different energy sources: Heating water by means of the pellet stove or electically. See the infrastructure page for more info.


There are storage cabinets on all bedrooms. Some drawers are in use for linen etc, but there should be plenty room left for your use.


The stone building in front of the main house is an old stable and outbuilding (“il stallo”).

On the back you will find the entrance to the “capanna” on the upper floor, where you will find some garden furniture that you may use if you wish (recommended). The key to the capanna is hanging on the inside of the kitchen door.

The picture shows the back side of the “stallo”, as well as the stairs leading to the front garden.


In addition to the paved courtyard in front of the house, there are two gardens:

The front garden is situated above the “stallo”, and is partly covered by a pergola of grape and kiwi plants.

The back garden is found going out the narrow back door (on the upper floor) and down the alleyway. The back garden features a palmtree and two olive trees. The key to the back door is also hanging on the kitchen door.